Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A king who has seven sons!!!

Hi frns,
          I'm back with a good story which was all about,hey why should i say first come on read it by yourself.

Once there lived a King who has seven sons.One day he brought seven fishes to his seven sons and kept the in the sunlight to dry them up.One fish hasn't dried,then king came near to the fish and asked the fish that why it is not dried.The fish replied that due to hay stack it couldn't get dried.The King went near the hay stack and asked the haystack that why it doesn't let the fish to dry?

The haystack replied that the cow didn't ate it,then king went to the cow and asked it that why didn't it eat the haystack.
The cow replied that the farmer didn't opened it's rope,then the king went to the farmer and asked the reason.
The Farmer replied that his little daughter was crying and that's the reason he didn't let the cow to feed.
The King asked the farmer's daughter that why she cried,then she replied that the ant bit her in her little finger.

The king went to the ant's hole and asked the ant that why did it bit the girl,
then the ant replies that:"Oh king,whoever keeps their finger in my golden hole i will bite them."Listening this the king walks away to his castle.

MORAL:--We must not intrude into others matters if we did so,then it will cause big impact in our life which may lead to destruction.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hi frns,
          I still remember my mother's lap when she used to sing a song called "LALI song"which is a song sung by parents for their kids.I loved the song the way my mom sings that and its so sweet when i hear it when i was in her lap.I'm basically from Hyderabad city from Andhra Pradesh state in India.Telugu is the prominent language here.Now i want to share one of my childhood story which was told by my father when i was young.

Once upon a Time there lived a Tortoise and two Cranes near a beautiful pond.

Tortoise is the best friend for the both Crane couple.
The two Cranes used to have lots of fun with each other like sharing everything with each other.
One day while they were having a talk some fisherman reached there and started talking,
Fisherman1:hey why don't we hunt fish here in this pond?
Fisherman2:yes,that's a good idea
Fisherman1:well,we had a tortoise too for a good sale here
Fisherman2:yes indeed
Talking this they left to their home.
All the three of them cried that tortoise is going to be killed tomorrow but the cranes are not happy with this.
Tortoise said to the Cranes to go away from here and live in some other place because there is a danger for them.

Cranes had no sleep that night and slowly the mist disappeared with a glooming sun.
The fisherman came there and started their work.Suddenly the Cranes got an idea that they picked up a stick and hold the stick either of them and came to the pond and called the Tortoise.
The Tortoise was so happy that his friends are so caring and supportive that they didn't left their friend when he is in worries.

MORAL:--Friendship is such a bonding that even if there are lot more troubles but your friends will be your side.

I had a very good friends inspite of having many troubles they helped me a lot,even though i yell at them they just keep on a smiling face and take away my anger that's the reason i love them the most!!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hi frns,
          well where were we.....hmm...yes,each boy has given one day to accomplish the task of meeting the great granny who lives in the clouds.Veer started first in one direction from the kingdom,pratap too started from the opposite direction.

Veer started his journey by walking across the jungle after the kingdom slowly,then suddenly he came across a Talking Mango Tree and it called him and requested him to clean the around of it as it was covered by dried leaves,veer without asking why he did it.The Mango tree got impressed of his work and gave him free mangoes and told the direction of the Great Granny's place.Veer started his journey,now he came across a cow and it is tied.The cow spoke to him and asked him to feed it,Veer without asking any question fed it and asked the cow the direction of the Great Granny's place,cow gave its calf and said to him that her calf knows the direction and you just follow it.Veer started walking and he came across to a huge mountain where the Great Granny lives,the calf showed him the way and vanished in the jungle and slowly veer reached the Granny's place.Granny welcomed him by saying to choose one of the two boxes,where one is old and small and the other is new and big.He chooses the old box and granny tells him to take a dip in the holy river beside her house by wishing only once.He takes a dip and wishes for the safety of his kingdom where he lives then Granny appears there and blesses him with all the riches and glory of a prince must have.

Meanwhile,Pratap who is a cunning fellow follows veer without veer knowing that and slowly takes the big box and dips in the holy pond two times and wishing for all riches and wealth,then suddenly he becomes a pauper and he was cursed by the Great Granny to be a disabled person and keeps him in her house as her watchman as a punishment.

Veer goes to the kingdom and lives happily ever after being a good king!!!

Moral:--Greedy person never gains in his life!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hi Frns,
Once there lived a kingdom called "KRISHNAPATNAM",whose King is "RAJA BRIHISPATHI" and the Queen "PADMAVATHI".The both king and queen are really happy but they had no children.One day a Saint came to them and said  to them that if the king meets the Magical Saint called "PEDARASI PEDDAMA"(Great Granny) who has been living from 1000 years then they could have children.The king won't believed the Saint saying and in spite of the queen urging he ignored the matter and they became too old and without Children.

In that kingdom there are two orphans who are good looking adults with a grace of a Prince.Their great achievements in all sports at the kingdom and their hunting skills made the both King and Queen to think to adopt these two Orphans but they wanted only one boy who is more talented and skillful to run their kingdom so,they Summoned these two Orphans to their court.

The king asked them what were their names,they said that we are called by the people around here as VEER and PRATAP and we consider ourself as brothers.
The king said to them that he wanted to keep a task to both of them and whoever wins that task will be the PRINCE of KRISHNAPATNAM.
Both the adults got surprised and Pratap was so,amused and greediness raised in him and he confirmed to the king that he is ready,but Veer said to the king that he like challenges but not for the position of a PRINCE.....

TO BE CONTINUED.....(The next part will be the ending)

MORAL:-- We must never under estimate any persons advice and never do a task for getting it but to enjoy its sweetness.


Hi frns,
           I'm back with a new concept of blog that is bed time stories,this blog is for all those who remember their GRAND PARENTS,who really are the one motivates us by telling us beautiful short stories and make them inspire through their imaginary stories.

I want to dedicate this blog to my GRAND FATHER and MY BEST DADDY.This blog also consists of bedtime songs which were sung by our mother's which are really memorable to me still now.
So,hope that i will do my best in dealing with these stories.

1)The features of this blog is that for every ending of the story there will be the moral of the story.

2)This blog consists of all Indian and many other countries bedtime stories.