Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hi frns,
          I still remember my mother's lap when she used to sing a song called "LALI song"which is a song sung by parents for their kids.I loved the song the way my mom sings that and its so sweet when i hear it when i was in her lap.I'm basically from Hyderabad city from Andhra Pradesh state in India.Telugu is the prominent language here.Now i want to share one of my childhood story which was told by my father when i was young.

Once upon a Time there lived a Tortoise and two Cranes near a beautiful pond.

Tortoise is the best friend for the both Crane couple.
The two Cranes used to have lots of fun with each other like sharing everything with each other.
One day while they were having a talk some fisherman reached there and started talking,
Fisherman1:hey why don't we hunt fish here in this pond?
Fisherman2:yes,that's a good idea
Fisherman1:well,we had a tortoise too for a good sale here
Fisherman2:yes indeed
Talking this they left to their home.
All the three of them cried that tortoise is going to be killed tomorrow but the cranes are not happy with this.
Tortoise said to the Cranes to go away from here and live in some other place because there is a danger for them.

Cranes had no sleep that night and slowly the mist disappeared with a glooming sun.
The fisherman came there and started their work.Suddenly the Cranes got an idea that they picked up a stick and hold the stick either of them and came to the pond and called the Tortoise.
The Tortoise was so happy that his friends are so caring and supportive that they didn't left their friend when he is in worries.

MORAL:--Friendship is such a bonding that even if there are lot more troubles but your friends will be your side.

I had a very good friends inspite of having many troubles they helped me a lot,even though i yell at them they just keep on a smiling face and take away my anger that's the reason i love them the most!!!!!


  1. Hi! Ravali,

    I enjoyed reading your fables. My children loves to read a lot of them. They also love to listen to me when it is Sunday and I'm not at work and we always have a bonding time, that I used to tell them stories. My kids will surely like this one. This is all for now. Such a nice blog!

    Maraming Salamat,

  2. thanks mr.nur,i really love my dad's stories and my grand pa's which made me to start this blog.I'm happy to know that you would surely tell these stories of mine to ur kids.thanks a lot.