Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hi Frns,
Once there lived a kingdom called "KRISHNAPATNAM",whose King is "RAJA BRIHISPATHI" and the Queen "PADMAVATHI".The both king and queen are really happy but they had no children.One day a Saint came to them and said  to them that if the king meets the Magical Saint called "PEDARASI PEDDAMA"(Great Granny) who has been living from 1000 years then they could have children.The king won't believed the Saint saying and in spite of the queen urging he ignored the matter and they became too old and without Children.

In that kingdom there are two orphans who are good looking adults with a grace of a Prince.Their great achievements in all sports at the kingdom and their hunting skills made the both King and Queen to think to adopt these two Orphans but they wanted only one boy who is more talented and skillful to run their kingdom so,they Summoned these two Orphans to their court.

The king asked them what were their names,they said that we are called by the people around here as VEER and PRATAP and we consider ourself as brothers.
The king said to them that he wanted to keep a task to both of them and whoever wins that task will be the PRINCE of KRISHNAPATNAM.
Both the adults got surprised and Pratap was so,amused and greediness raised in him and he confirmed to the king that he is ready,but Veer said to the king that he like challenges but not for the position of a PRINCE.....

TO BE CONTINUED.....(The next part will be the ending)

MORAL:-- We must never under estimate any persons advice and never do a task for getting it but to enjoy its sweetness.

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