Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A king who has seven sons!!!

Hi frns,
          I'm back with a good story which was all about,hey why should i say first come on read it by yourself.

Once there lived a King who has seven sons.One day he brought seven fishes to his seven sons and kept the in the sunlight to dry them up.One fish hasn't dried,then king came near to the fish and asked the fish that why it is not dried.The fish replied that due to hay stack it couldn't get dried.The King went near the hay stack and asked the haystack that why it doesn't let the fish to dry?

The haystack replied that the cow didn't ate it,then king went to the cow and asked it that why didn't it eat the haystack.
The cow replied that the farmer didn't opened it's rope,then the king went to the farmer and asked the reason.
The Farmer replied that his little daughter was crying and that's the reason he didn't let the cow to feed.
The King asked the farmer's daughter that why she cried,then she replied that the ant bit her in her little finger.

The king went to the ant's hole and asked the ant that why did it bit the girl,
then the ant replies that:"Oh king,whoever keeps their finger in my golden hole i will bite them."Listening this the king walks away to his castle.

MORAL:--We must not intrude into others matters if we did so,then it will cause big impact in our life which may lead to destruction.


  1. Nice story. Uhummm... Getting sleepy. I might as well stop typing now. :)

  2. heheheh...thanks for following girl,just a small blog to remember my sweet memories!!!

  3. true... a nice story not only for a child. When I was little I used to love the magical Russian folk stories, very different. I still read them sometimes...

  4. @weirdomatic:-- ohh that's great to know,actually this is our folk tale!!

  5. i enjoyed this one... and to think this is a folk tale...
    ill be following your blog.
    more on this, it'll lighten people's hearts.

  6. Haha, very interesting; one thing surely can lead to another. :) Following!

  7. This story tells us about the interlinks between things.we should try to understand the cause and effect rilations between things.so that our thinking process becomes better.thanks